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Our Veterinary Services

From annual checkups to dental care, parasite prevention and spay and neuter procedures, Lady Hammond Animal Hospital has the veterinary services you need to help your cat or dog thrive.

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Dental Care

Dental problems are as painful for cats and dogs as they are for us. Lady Hammond Animal Hospital offers complete veterinary dental care to restore and maintain your pet's oral health, helping your companion avoid painful dental symptoms.


Our Halifax veterinarians always prioritize your pet's safety, no matter what surgery your cat or dog requires. We regularly offer spay and neuter procedures, in addition to dental surgeries. Other types of surgeries can be provided in specific cases.


If your furry friend is sick or injured, you want answers fast. Blood tests and X-rays performed in our in-house diagnostics lab can allow our veterinarians to pinpoint the cause of your companion's symptoms without the need to travel to another clinic.

Parasite Prevention

Parasites are a serious threat to the health of cats and dogs across Nova Scotia. Our veterinarians can work with you to determine your cat's or dog's risk of encountering parasites and provide you with regularly scheduled preventive medications, combined with guidance.


Up-to-date vaccinations play a key role in safeguarding your cat's or dog's health against a range of serious conditions. Our veterinarians will recommend a vaccination schedule to help protect your furry friend from a range of serious diseases. 

Annual Wellness Checkups

Routine exams provide our team with an opportunity to monitor your cat's or dog's health, provide preventive care, and detect the earliest signs of developing health problems. Prevention and early detection of disease can help your companion enjoy a long and happy life.

Senior Pet Care

Senior exams focus on maintaining optimal health, a good quality of life, and comfortable mobility for your cat or dog as they continue to age. These routine exams allow our veterinarians to provide proactive care for age-related conditions and early diagnosis of developing concerns.


If your cat or dog is experiencing a health problem that requires urgent or emergency care, contact us right away. Our veterinarians make every effort to see emergency cases during our regular business hours.

For after-hours emergencies, call Coastal Care Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital at (902) 703-2323.

New Patients Welcome

Lady Hammond Animal Hospital is accepting new patients! We'd love to welcome you and your cat or dog into our veterinary family. Get in touch today to book your companion animal's first appointment.

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